REMAX's new RM-550 wired headset features Multi-function remote control and a flat ear shell for comfortable wear. The 3.5mm gold-plated plug is securely connected to the phone and reduces current noise, allowing you to enjoy high quality music.

Remax RM-550 Earphone

  • 1. 10.8g Light Weight

    2. Matte Rubber Paint + Dimming Ppiano Paint, Flat Ear Shell Design, Stylish and Comfortable to Wear.

    3. 3.5mm Old-plated Lug for Table Onnection Highly Esistant to Xidation and Educed Urrent Oise

    4. Multi-function Remote Control, One-button Multi-purpose, Music Switching, Answering/Hanging.

  • Product model: RM-550
    Color: black, white
    Headphone weight: 10.8g
    Line length: 1200MM
    Wearing: In-ear
    Rated power: 2mW
    Drive unit: 9MM
    Sensitivity: 95 + _4dB
    Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
    Compatible system: IOS