Better sound - Bluetooth 5.0 - Automatic pairing - Long battery life - High sound fidelity - Integrated microphones with ENC noise reduction - Ultra-lightweight - wireless charging case


The new Xiaomi QCY T7 TWS BT 5.1 are designed to give you more and better enjoyment of the music you love. In all situations, you will have the best sound, even while you are playing sports with one of the best connectivity, instant pairing and a spectacular autonomy. 


Truly Spectacular

Forget about the cable tangles and limitations. Connect them to your smartphone or tablet through its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. This gives you a stable and clear sound transmission, allowing you to enjoy the best sound at a distance of up to 10 meters. After being set up for the first time, they are designed to pair automatically when you take them out of the box. Enjoy the best music as soon as you put them in your ears and press play.


The best sound you'll find

One of the best models you will find is designed to give you the best sound of the moment. With its 13mm drivers, this model offers you one of the best sound qualities you will find in our catalogue. They are specially designed to give you the best bass sound, a high-quality 3D sound.


Use them individually

However, if you prefer to use only one headphone to share the other or to be aware of what is going on around you, you can now. Enjoy all the sound in one headphone, no problem.


Make calls easily

It allows you to answer your calls in the hands-free mode because both headphones have a built-in microphone and ENC noise reduction technology. You'll enjoy a clear sound in every conversation, eliminating background noise and making sure nothing bothers you.


A spectacular autonomy

Whether you're on a long train ride or have a long, hard day away from home, these new headphones give you all the energy you need to enjoy all day long. They have an autonomy of up to 3.5 hours of music playback, plus 4 extra charges in their magnetic charging case. So you can enjoy up to 17.5 hours. One of the best models you will find in our catalogue.


Touch control and voice assistant for easy control

These headphones are very comfortable to wear—control playback with the touch buttons on the sides. And if you triple-tap the left earpiece, your voice assistant appears, and you can ask it to do things for you (compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant). A complete model.




QCY T7True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case

SKU: QC0003
    • 13 mm driver for powerful bass and pure midrange and treble
    • Stable connection and noise-free calls thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 chip
    • Comfortable to wear thanks to the semi in-ear design
    • Instant coupling when the earphones are removed from the box
    • 380 mAh battery in the charging box that fully charges the earphones 4 times
    • Enjoy a total listening time of no less than 17.5 hours
    • Water splashes are no problem thanks to the IPX4 classification