Mini & Invisible

With the size of a fingertip, Mini 2 makes a breakthrough in size ensuring comfortability to the ears and a great listening experience.Invisibly and snugly fits in your left or right ear for all-day long.


Great Wear Experience

From it's ergonomic design ,the body is curved in line with the inner contour of the ear. Provision of three sets of different sized silicone earcups to ensure wearing comfort and stability.  


Bluetooth V5.0 Upgrade

Transmission speed is twice as fast as Bluetooth V4.2. Power consumption is 50% lower than Bluetooth V4.2. Keeping signal and anti-inteference ability stronger. Transmission distance is 10 meters. Ensuring sound fluency and no delay


Great Sound Quality

The customised acousticed structure of the brand can improve the response of the sound system to input audio, enhance the bass sound range making three-dimensional sound and matching with the closed rear cavity structure, effectively reducing the secondary mixing to make the sound more pure and transparent.


HD Cellphone

The high definition noise reduction technology supported by the chip can optimise the quality of calls. With the high sensitivity of silicon, the recognition degree of speech can be improved and the noise environment can be clearly heard without increasing th sound volume 


One Button Operation

Features easy, single one-button control, double press to change to the next song, triple press to change to the previous song, one single press to pause/start music or hang off/answer.


  • HD noise reduction, clear call, signal stability, 10m barrier-free connection
  • 7.2mm neodymium iron boron custom speaker with unique cavity structure design to reduce 2 times mixing
  • 40mAh battery capacity
  • Bluetooth V5.0 chip 

QCY-Mini 2 Bluetooth V5.0 Single Wireless Invisibisible Headphone with Mic

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