Get in the mood of productivity as you listen to your favorite tracks with QCY M1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds. You'll get the motivation you need to uplift your spirits as you listen to the crystal clear CD-like sounds QCY Bluetooth headset produces. You'll be able to pick each wording in your favorite track as you use the QCY M1 Pro. It is designed to produce crystal clear treble and high-quality bass.



Enjoy cool music and answer calls with QCY Bluetooth earbuds. Noise cancellation is designed to block all outside noise so you can pick all words of your music and answer your calls without missing a beat.



You'll get nothing but comfort when wearing this QCY earbud.You can even wear the QCY Bluetooth earbuds  when you run, hike, cycle, jog and when engaging in intensive sports.   



The battery is not an issue as you can use QCY Bluetooth headset for long hours. It can last for up to 9 hours, so you will be able to listen to favorite music and uplift your spirits to be more productive.  



Join the thousands of QCY satisfied customers who listen to their favorite music crystal clear as you purchase this product. 

QCY-M1 Pro Magnetic Bluetooth In-ear Headphone

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